Mile 253

Neskowin Beach, SW, Proposal Rock, Neskowin Creek
Tillamook County

Latitude: 45.100219904053
Longitude: -123.988109736070
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  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from Porter Point (45° 09.5142', Mile 257), southerly to the Tillamook County/Lincoln County line (45° 02.6706', Mile 247).
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Neskowin Beach, SW, Proposal Rock, Neskowin Creek
Mile 253 Reports (26)


October 16, 2022 - Kim Noreen Anderson

A beautiful day ~ more people than we expected enjoying this amazing part of the planet. Beach was clean. read more

October 2, 2022 - Kim Noreen Anderson

We are just learning the beach so can't compare it to anything yet. Today the sand was a gentle slope to the rip rap. Hawk Creek was almost dry in places. Places of smooth rocks every 20 yards or so. Some crab shells but not much. Lots of gulls. Beach is more


October 30, 2020 - LisaL

Lost plastic beach toys - I went out for an early moring walk. It was raining, no one else was on the beach. I found several toys including 2 childrens plastic beach shovels, aparently left from last night or before. I find alot of plastic buckets, plastic shovels/rakes, and more

October 6, 2020 - LisaL

The beach seems pretty busy for a Tuesday in October. It was a beautiful sunny day and I suspect people were trying to soak up the last of the sun while they could. There have been significantly more people at this coast this summer. Since people were not able to more


November 3, 2019 - neskowinwatcher

Cloudy day, Temp mid 50's  light winds.  Tide ( 6.4) was almost high. 

6 people 1 dog on the beach.  2 adults tending a small beach fire.

beach was very clean, wrack line was insignificant,  no dead birds.

Hawk Creek cafe was moderately more

February 18, 2019 - neskowinwatcher


December 21, 2018 - neskowinwatcher

It was a bonus weather day at Neskowin Beach to observe the Dec 21 King Tide...... partly cloudy, calm conditions, 42 deg F.  Only two cars in the parking lot.  The tide (8.1)  was high @ 10:30a.

The walkway near the cafe was taped off with yellow caution tape.  Tide was all the more

July 16, 2018 - neskowinwatcher

Approximately 50 people were on the beach with 10 dogs, most on leashes,  Perhaps 5 dogs running loose but all within close proximity to their owners.  No dogs were chasing any wildlife.   Several people were observing marine life on the Ghost forest stumps incuding many healthy looking Sea Stars. more

  • Proposal rock looking north from beginning of the Ghost Forest stumps.
  • one of several sea stars observed
  • Looking north from the south end of the beach.
May 30, 2018 - Neskowin254

A seal pup was observed by numerous individuals from about 4:15 pm to 8:15 pm in front of Lifesaver Post #7 in Neskowin (the pup was sighted earlier that morning further south). The pup appeared stranded or injured. Authorities were notified but apparently never responded. A local resident put more


November 4, 2017 - neskowinwatcher

Rainy day.  We walked the beach to the north only for 200 yards as the Nov 2017 King Tide was on the rise.  We stayed through high tide.  The waves  were lapping at the botton of the rip more

October 14, 2017 - neskowinwatcher

It was a warm sunny day with a light 5 mph NW breeze and a 2.45 low tide @ 3:15pm.

Approximately 70 people and 10 dogs  were enjoying the beach. They were beach combing, flying kites and having a good time.

Shoreline wildlife was un remarkable with the usual driftline creatures but nothing noteworthy.

This was more

September 24, 2017 - dwhite

Fawn led a tour and educational session of the Neskowin beach north side.  read more


August 15, 2015 - Volunteer Trainer
They were taken Aug 15 at neskowin, northern edge of town. Photos submitted to [email protected] Looking for other information on this event.Call FawnMessage from Cynthia TrowbridgeHi. Without a water sample to see the organism, it would be hard to say. One strong possibility is the planktonic ciliate Mesodinium more
  • unknown substance


March 20, 2014 - [email protected]
A huge amount of sand has come in this winter. The stumps at South Beach Neskowin are now, at the highest, only 18 inches-2 feet tall. Neskowin creek is currently flowing south of Proposal Rock. The resident Bald Eagle is back!read more


December 30, 2012 - [email protected]
The winter high (and sometimes low) tides continue to send waves crashing into and over the rip rap which now goes (except for where Neskowin creek flows out) from the south end of Neskowin's south beach to the north end of the village where the houses end and the more
October 17, 2012 - [email protected]
One of Neskowin's resident Bald Eagles posed for me on a exposed branch at the top of Proposal more
July 2, 2012 - [email protected]

It was a calm, mostly cloudy morning with a streak of blue sky over the ocean. There was a minus tide at 6:30 in the morning though the end of south beach where tide pools are usually accessible was not and seems to be more of a bay. The more

March 1, 2012 - [email protected]

It was a brisk yet windless afternoon, with a mix of blue and grey overhead. The beach seems scoured with some large patches of rocks covering the sand. Neskowin Creek, which usually chooses a channel either to the north or south of Proposal Rock flowed west directly at the more

  • Neskowin Creek flowing around Proposal Rock
  • Multicolored ribbons of rock on the southeast side of Proposal Rock, Neskowin.
  • High surf deposited this tree up onto the south beach riprap.
  • Large rocky patch on South Beach, Neskowin, looking north to Proposal Rock
  • Houses sit precariously on the cliff above a slide area. Huge amounts of riprap boarder the beach. Even during low tide the ocean reached the edge of the riprap at the south end of the beach.


May 19, 2011 - [email protected]
It was a glorious, windless, minus tide morning on Neskowin's south beach. The stumps were more exposed and the bottoms of them, recently unburied, were clean of sea life. There were many small rocks on the sand, especially nearer to Proposal Rock. The creek is carving a wide channel, more
March 23, 2011 - [email protected]
It was a beautiful morning and a very low tide in the middle of spring break week. Neskowin creek has spread out from its former paths and has created what looks like a bay at high tide, covering the sand and lapping the riprap in front of the houses more


January 29, 2009 - JSteiner
15 - 20 people, walking and photographyread more


June 27, 2008 - JSteiner
Large new planting of European beachgrass, atop reinforced rip-rap where Hawk Creek flows across the beach.New, and/or replacement rip rap going in at 2 properties where major erosion happened this past winter... At some high tides, the surf covers the beach, with the waves crashing against the rip-rap esp. more
February 25, 2008 - JSteiner
Major erosion of beach, which is so narrow as to be unwalkable in one area. Rocks exposed. Considerable driftwood. An entangled bird with apparent signs of oiling more


September 1, 2007 - JSteiner
Huge flock of brown pelicans floating in the surf, and diving - must have been some sort feed that they were after - they were very active.At the S. end of this stretch of beach where it meets Cascade Head, a tall dirt cliff continues to more
May 27, 2007 - JSteiner
Memorial Day - Many many people and dogs!! 1 section of this mile is impassable, even at low tide, as the ocean now hits the rip rap wall almost all of the time. Some sections near this are impassable at high tide - one cannot even get on to the more


December 29, 2006 - JSteiner
A very quiet day. The ocean has been very rough lately, and very high. A large amount of large driftwood on beach. One Bald Eagle on tree, back side of Proposal Rock. Many gulls foraging along the beach at mouth of Neskowin more