Mile 200

Big Stump Beach, south Patterson SP
Lincoln County

Latitude: 44.403769728338
Longitude: -124.086834240560
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  • Motor vehicle travel is prohibited from Yaquina Bay (44° 37.0374', Mile 215), southerly to the Lincoln County-Lane County line (44° 16.5774', Mile 190).
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Big Stump Beach, south Patterson SP
Mile 200 Reports (43)


January 23, 2023 - KFunk

Although there were only 6 cars parked at Patterson Creek State Park this early Monday morning, I saw quite a few walkers and off leash dogs on the beach. I crossed the heavily flowing creek to start my mile and headed south close to the ocean.  The latest tide more

  • Tide Line
  • Piece of wood near the ocean
  • Dead bird
  • Big Stump
  • Logs and debris
  • Logs and debris
  • Debris deposited by high tides
  • Logs piled up
  • Dune Collapsing
  • Path to beach from 101
  • Snowy Plover
  • Snowy Plovers
  • Protruding Log
  • Trash
  • Trash
  • Trash
  • Trash
  • Microplastics
  • Microplastics and shotgun shell


November 3, 2022 - KFunk

There were a few cars in the parking lot in Patterson State Park this cool non-windy Thursday morning. Patterson Creek was easy to cross to start my mile. The first thing I noticed was this very long log that was perpendicular to the shore line. I stepped it off more

  • Looking south at start of mile
  • Wrack Line Debris
  • Looking south toward the Big Stump
  • Protruding log that I am watching over time
  • Dead bird near dunes
  • Dead bird near dunes
  • Dead bird near dunes
  • Graffiti
  • Graffiti
  • Graffiti
  • Graffiti
  • Path from 101 to beach near Mile Post 158
  • Path from 101 to beach near Mile Post 158
  • Trash
  • Trash - netting
June 12, 2022 - KFunk

There were more cars than expected at Patterson State Park this rainy Sunday morning. As I headed south to start my mile, I searched for an easy way to cross the heavily flowing Patterson Creek. The two young men riding skimboards in the creek offered me the option to more

  • Patterson Creek
  • Tide line near ocean
  • Vetch
  • Sea Sandwort
  • Path to beach from HWY 100 pullout
  • Protruding log from foredune
  • Human Trash
  • Fire Pit near path that leads to Inn at Sandcastle Beach Vacasa Rental
  • Graffiti on the sandstone bluff
February 18, 2022 - KFunk

The parking lot at Patterson State Park had few cars this sunny cool Friday morning. As I walked near the ocean heading south of Patterson Creek, I observed many rocks, small clumps of rockweed and other kelp, a few crab shells and legs, some dead mole crabs and snail more

  • Comparison of log protruding from foredune
  • Log protruding from foredune
  • Dune with vertical log for future reference
  • Sea Lion Carcass
  • Human Trash
  • Tide line
  • Rockweed
  • Snail eggs
  • Styrofoam supporting path down to beach
  • Human trash near Patterson Creek
  • Vertical logs just south of Patterson Creek


December 5, 2021 - KFunk

On Thursday, I looked for a safe place to watch the King Tide on this part of the beach. I found a path that leads to the top of the dunes and is accessed from a pullout on 101. I was able to observe Thursday's 9.2 feet tide and more

  • Tidal surge during King Tide (9.12 feet)
  • Tidal surge during King Tide (9.12 feet)
  • Same shot as above taken from the dune accessed by the path on 101 (looking north).
  • Beach grass eroded on the fore dune
  • Log protruding from fore dune
  • Logs protruding from fore dune
  • "handmade" stairs going up the dunes
  • Latest tide line looking north
  • Piece of wood with nails
  • Drainage pipe at sound end of the mile
October 15, 2021 - KFunk

Entered the beach at Patterson State Park to start the mile. As I started walking south near the ocean, there were little pieces of jellyfish on the tide line. I continued walking south and saw kelp, bull kelp, feathers, some crab pieces, a few moon jellies, and a couple more

  • Styrofoam pieces in the strand line
  • Styrofoam pieces in the strand line
  • Wood near the latest tide line
  • Wood near the latest tide line
  • Rope near the latest tide line
  • Dead bird near the latest tide line
  • Dead bird near the latest tide line
  • Sandal left on the beach
  • Human trash left on the beach
September 1, 2021 - KFunk

Entered the beach at Patterson State Park to start this mile south of Patterson Creek. The creek was easy to cross. The multitude of Crystal Jellies on the driftline continued for the whole mile walking south. Observed 2 dead birds in the driftline and 1 dead bird buried in more

  • Crystal Jellies on the driftline
  • Crystal Jelly
  • Looking north from the start of the mile.
  • Looking east from the start of the mile.
  • Looking south from the start of the mile.
  • Dead bird- Common Murre? - found on the driftline
  • Dead bird  found on the driftline
  • Looking north from the Big Stump
  • Looking north from the beach near the Inn at Sandcastle Beach vacation rental.
  • Looking south at the bluffs
March 11, 2021 - bluemoonjoanie

Calm sunny morning with an incoming tide.  The sand dunes were noticibly eroded. read more


May 5, 2019 - bluemoonjoanie

Calm day on mile 200 with a minus tide.  read more

January 30, 2019 - bluemoonjoanie

Nice morning to end my 2019 reports for Mile 200.  read more


November 6, 2018 - KatAll

Beach is clean and there were other people picking up small plastic. We came at high tide and the waves are nearly to the dunes south. The creek is wide and shallow. No creek definition. We attempted to walk further down, but sneakers were traveling from the south around more

  • Sneaker wave
  • Bull Kelp pile
  • High water mark
September 16, 2018 - bluemoonjoanie

Just a pleasant day on Mile 200.  No litter, clean beach.  


 read more

  • Out going tide.


November 29, 2017 - bluemoonjoanie

There was an extremly high tide this morning with several sneaker waves. The normal shore line was missing today; welcome to the winter coast in Oregon! Several pyrosome creatures were found on this mile. I believe the shore birds that I observed were snowy plovers!  Was not able to more

  • pryosome
May 7, 2017 - bluemoonjoanie
February 25, 2017 - bluemoonjoanie

Beautiful day on miles 200, no wind and blue sky.  Few items that I would like to report on.  See photos.  Will email separately, as my wi-fi is not letting me load them.  Fawn, check your email.  Would you add to this report please? 

1 dead seal about 200 yards more

  • Pyrosoma atlanticum
  • alder in surf
  • harbor seal- Phoca vitulina
  • harbor seal- Phoca vitulina
  • kelp gas bladder
  • Pyrosoma atlanticum
  • Western Gull-Larus occidentalis


December 31, 2016 - bluemoonjoanie

Lovely last day of the year to walk mile 200!  The shoreline was free of debris, except for a few pieces of plastic and more


December 29, 2015 - bluemoonjoanie

A normal winter day on Mile 200. We had a high low tide of 3., lots of large plastics, plastic bottles/debris, light rain, and lots of natural beach erosion from previous high tides. It was nice to see the stream changed pathways back to where it was before,instead of more

April 22, 2015 - bluemoonjoanie
A beautiful day on mile 200. Would like the photos identified. read more
  • Unusual creature. Please identify.
  • Please identify
February 26, 2015 - bluemoonjoanie
Few people observed on this visit. The stream is eroding the entrance to Patterson State Park. Ranger observed chain-sawing logs near more
  • Entrance to beach is being eroded away. Needs maintenance.


August 25, 2014 - bluemoonjoanie
A calm summer morning on Mile 200, with the shifting incoming/outgoing tides. The shoreline had what seemed to be an unusual amount of algae/kelp on it. The actual beach had little to any garbage on it. Will upload photos at a later date....only 3G here in more
May 10, 2014 - bluemoonjoanie
There was an unusual number of small dead crabs, and a mussel I had not seen before. There was also an odd piece of debris that I deposited into the state parks garbage can. See photo. Patterson State Park does not have a container designated for possible tsunami more
  • Seemed like an unusual number of dead crabs.
  • Odd shell fish in an open position.
  • This star fish was alive, and in the surf. I have not seen one in this area before.
  • I was not sure if this was from the Japan tsunami or not. I deposited it into the State Park garbage can. They do not have a special box for tsunami debris.


August 30, 2013 - bluemoonjoanie
Beautiful day on Mile 200. One dead seal pup (see photo). Mild fog with sunshine, nice summer weather. One lone Bonaparte's Gull was spotted as well as many pelicans, gulls, and sandpipers.Several drift wood structures. read more
May 26, 2013 - bluemoonjoanie
Park Ranger was driving on the beach. A dead gray whale calf that was reportedly killed by a pod of orcas two weeks before had washed up on the beach. Ranger was going to bury the body. It was missing its head. Mile 200 is very debris free here more
  • Grey Whale Calf had been killed two weeks prior to washing up on mile 200.


December 28, 2012 - bluemoonjoanie
Extremely high tides this week. We are taking garbage bags with us on each walk we go on. Good time of the year to collect garbage. Lots of new logs on the shoreline in this area of the coast from north of Mile 200 to Waldport to Mile 199. more
  • High tides.
October 20, 2012 - bluemoonjoanie
There seemed to be more logs on the beach. No tsunami debris found. Beautiful day. read more


August 20, 2011 - bluemoonjoanie
What a beautiful day in Waldport, Oregon. The weather was perfect. There was a wedding going on during the time we were there! What a perfect day they chose. Everyone was wearing white. There was a bagpiper more
July 1, 2011 - bluemoonjoanie
I ran into the State Park Ranger. He pointed out that the garbage receptical I was using was for beach debris only. It seems there is a new experimental project for Mile 200/Patterson Beach. There is/was a special sign and baggie dispenser for picking up debris found on the more


November 12, 2010 - bluemoonjoanie
Nice day for a walk along mile 200. It was a pleasant 54 more
September 5, 2010 - bluemoonjoanie
It was a very quiet evening on Mile 200. Earlier in the day in Yahats, we spotted a pod of about four whales going more
August 17, 2010 - Aiassa
Did locate the harbor seal remains from Friday above surf more
  • Tail section of Harbor Seal
August 16, 2010 - Aiassa
As usual a quite foggy afternoon and thinly populated day at the beach with little debris on the beach and tide more
  • Large tree stump near cliff area with stream water passing
  • Sea life in tide wash
  • An interesting tree driftwood that has been on the beach for more than a year but continually changes position and angles.
August 15, 2010 - bluemoonjoanie
What a beautiful summer morning on mile 200! The tide was out, the shoreline was free of litter, the temperature was mild, and there was a slight more
  • This is a photo of the exposed stump on mile 200.  I have not seen it before.
May 29, 2010 - bluemoonjoanie
It was a very calm and quite morning along mile 200. The minus tide allowed for walking further out than normal. There was no litter to pick up and nothing unusual to report. All the dogs were on leash!read more


January 23, 2009 - Aiassa
One of the several sunny days this week in January warm and light winds. Great time to enjoy and walk the more
  • A large twisted driftwood tree which seems to change direction and location over a months time.


December 5, 2008 - Aiassa
Another beautiful BRIGHT day on the coast light wind/sunny and few people. The presence of a large number of Sea Nettles in the driftline was more
July 2, 2008 - bluemoonjoanie
It was a pleasant day at Mile 200. It always amazes me how few people visit this area of the Oregon more
March 1, 2008 - Aiassa
A very unevenful report. Beautiful weather today and people enjoy the beach on the 200 mile of the wild Oregon coast!read more
  • Large tree with an unusal twist beautiful lines and curves to it.
  • Pile of driftwood logs
February 9, 2008 - bluemoonjoanie
The tide was higher than we have ever seen it. There was no beach to walk on, because of the extreme high tide. We were only able to complete a short walk on Mile 200 for safety reasons. The ocean waves were moving the logs around like match more
  • It was a beautiful day on Mile 200. There was an extremely high tide that day.
  • It was a beautiful day on Mile 200.
  • High tide.


December 31, 2007 - Aiassa
Another beautiful day on the Oregon Coast. Surf high. Several new driftwood logs from recent more
September 2, 2007 - bluemoonjoanie
What a beautiful day on mile 200. It does not get much better for a perfect weather more
May 28, 2007 - bluemoonjoanie
The weather was perfect all Memorial week-end. Very few people in the Waldport area. As a side note, I heard we have nutria in the inlets, and I have not seen any signs of this invasive species. We will be down there all July 4th week and will keep more
May 6, 2007 - bluemoonjoanie
Mile 200 looked good today. We did see two of the questionable logs but no photos were taken. It was a wonderful spring day at our beautiful Oregon more
February 18, 2007 - bluemoonjoanie
It was a beautiful mostly sunny mild day on mile 200. The 4 young boys by themselves was parents in site. This was one of the highest tides I have seen in a long time.There seemed like a lot of litter/debrie. Good thing the Spring SOLV clean-up is more