Mile 313 Report

March 14, 2007
by tolovana 1

Tolovana Park north, Haystack Rock
Wednesday 1:00 PM
Party cloudy
50° F
Calm/Light from the SW
Tide Level:
3.0 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Playing in surf:
Playing in sand:
Climbing bluffs/seastacks·Driftwood removal
Shorebirds moving in response to humans/dogs
Cars/Trucks parking:
RVs/Buses parking:
RVs/Buses parking: 1
Cars/Trucks on beach, prohibited:
Activity Comments:
A pick-up collecting driftwood and with the appropriate permit from the city of CB -- this has been a busy winter for driftwood pick-up --I'd be curious if the city has given out more permits this year than in the past --
Notable Wildlife:
seals in the surf -- Oyster-catchers on the outer rocks and in the outflows of Tolovana -- also pelagic commorants, surf scoters and harlequin ducks on the south side of Haystack Rock - Juvenile bald eagle flew in and around Haystack -- lots of gulls and loads of crows on the beach too -- sealettuce blooming at Haystack rock -- some baby velella velella in the surf
Dead Birds:
6 common murres, 1 yearling tufted puffin, 1 pelagic commorant (both puffin and commorant had neck wounds commensurate with a prey wound by either a peregrine falcon or bald eagle
(mile 314 on 3/12 -- a yearling seal -- area was signed and watched -- volunteers alerted owners of dogs to stay a distance away)
Fish & Invertebrates:
velella-velella -- tiny baby ones all along the surf line and in the inter-tidal
Kelp or Algae·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)·Shells·Small rocks
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Contacted Roy Lowe USFW about dead seabirds --
City-permitted driftwood collection. Sea lettuce blooming at Haystack rock. Beached birds: 6 common murres, 1 tufted puffin, 1 pelagic cormorant; Roy Lowe contacted. Stranded seal on Mile 314 3/12 -- area was signed and watched. Very small Velella velella in surf line and intertidal.
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June 7, 2021 - FOHRAP1
Beautiful day on the beach, cloudy and pleasant. There were a surprising number of people on the beach, especially at the Tolovana walk on.  The tideline included brown foam (diatoms/phytoplankton)...
  • Looking North on Cannon Beach
  • People near Tolovana walk on
  • Large Logs from winter remain on the beach
  • Tide line debris along mile 313 and 314
January 20, 2021 - FOHRAP1
A cloudy calm day on the beach with a few visitors.  The notable observations include erosion along the dunes as a result of last weeks king tides+ storms, lots of large logs on the beach, and small...


December 2, 2020 - FOHRAP1
A beautiful beach day, with small numbers of people.
  • Microplastic at high tide line
  • Quiet day at the beach
October 5, 2020 - FOHRAP1
A beautiful day on the beach today. What was significant is the small amount of debris left on the beach, after the weekend. COmpared to other Mondays when I picked up litter, there was very little...
  • Cannon Beach, looking south towards Tolovana
  • Looking north to Haystack Rock
August 21, 2020 - FOHRAP1
Today was windy, mixed with rain.  A steady 10-20 MPH wind from the SSW meant fewer people on the beach.  Saw lots of juvenile gulls near Haystack Rock.  The walk was beautiful, it is so great to...
  • Haystack Rock on a blustery summer day.
  • Tide line, South of Haystack Rock
  • Unoccupied Chairs left around firepit, north of Tolovana Park
June 30, 2020 - FOHRAP1
A cloudy day with intermittent mist, with comfortable temperatures and light human activity for a summer day made the mile walk very enjoyable. Most visitors to the beach were walking, with a few...
May 7, 2020 - FOHRAP1
Another beautiful day on the beach.  Human activity was very limited, covid-19 social distancing restrictions continue and Cannon Beach continues to be closed to visitors.  Winds were NNE 10-20 MPH,...
  • Beach, looking south to Tolovana
  • Looking north from Tolovana Park
March 26, 2020 - FOHRAP1
Most notable today was the lack of human activity. The beach was quiet, sunny, and beautiful .
February 27, 2020 - FOHRAP1
Concerned about bluff erosion.  Recent King Tides seem to have chipped away at the bluffline and i dont know why anyone would buy a home that close anymore.Our first entry so will try to expand notes...


March 23, 2018 - HaystackRock
A cold, beautiful day with hail on the beach and snow in low elevations on the western coast range visible from the beach. About 50 people enjoying the beach, some tidepooling, a few walking/jogging...
  • View southeast from Haystack Rock
  • Sea lion colony near Haystack Rock.


December 6, 2017 - HaystackRock
Issues with visitors climbing the Rock after USFW "Do not Enter" sign blew down. USFW notified and working on replacing sign. There are still multiple signs posted on the Rock informing visitors not...


September 27, 2016 - HaystackRock
There were many humans out on the beach for this usually slow time of the year. Dead birds were minimal, but still present. The wrack line was patchy and contained bull kelp, large woody debris, moon...
March 3, 2016 - TomandGretel
Picked up 2 SOLVE bags of marine debris this morning....including 3 red bulbs, 3 Japanese plastic bottles with lids, plenty of blue and white plastic pieces, styrofoam, 3 toothbrushes. The squid egg...
  • Found 3 of these lightbulbs, and have found many on other days, but never in an upright position..This was after a storm and maybe a human placed it, but I don't know.  Not scientific but just humorous.
  • Scattered throughout the tideline....these look like \starfish arms\".  There are too many to count.  They are gelatinous-feeling


August 29, 2015 - Simonetal
Ecola Creek Watershed Council tested the water at the Gower Street outfall and the beach at Gower Street on Saturday August 29th and is advising to STAY OUT OF THE WATER due to high readings of...


October 17, 2013 - SweetAmbrosia
We came across 25 dead seabirds of varying species and 1 washed up sunfish, just south of the Haystack Rock.
  • just south of the haystack, I had no measuring tools, but the lady in the picture wears size 6(aprox) boots?
October 14, 2013 - TomandGretel
a great day to walk our mile. Picked up very little litter, as there had been a SOLV cleanup 2 days prior. Just some cigarette butts and small plastic pieces. Nice clean beach:)took photos of kids...
  • this is still a favorite play area, despite the signage.its only visible when accessing or leaving the beach at Gower
October 12, 2013 - NNeupert
Found a washed up Ocean Sunfish while walking back to my beach house from Haystack Rock. The total length of the Ocean Sunfish was 33 inches. Phillip Johnson, CoastWatch's director, stated, "They are...
August 1, 2013 - TomandGretel
we are monitoring the Ecola and Tolovana Outfalls.while we have numbers from the city of Cannon Beach and the State for the Ecola Outfall, the city has not responded to our request to share their...
January 31, 2013 - TomandGretel
a pleasant day to walk our mile. We picked up SOLV bags and grabbers at the city before heading out. filled 3 large bags with debris, mostly styrofoam. We participated in the Marine Debris survey...
  • 3 bags filled on our mile


October 10, 2012 - TomandGretel
a very pleasant day. Well behaved dogs, most of them on a leash. the no entry sign into the Refuge on the south side of Haystack Rock is gone. On our return at low tide, we did observe people trying...
  • too small, bad location, signs of obvious digging activity by kids
  • sanddollar with writing--- traveled from Kelly's Marina????
May 25, 2012 - TomandGretel
The 5/21/12 testing results at Ecola Outfall were 1299.65 per ml. We emailed Public Works Director Mark See on Tuesday, asking him to place the portable sign into the creek, where it is visible to...
  • sign not visible for visitors accessing from North or South
  • sign is still stored in winter location, not visible for  visitors accessing from N or S
May 19, 2012 - TomandGretel
a very pleasant day. Would be nice if the dog issue weren't an ongoing one. We personally were approached by a dog who was overfriendly, jumping up on us, with the owner at least 60 yards behind,...
January 8, 2012 - TomandGretel
while the dogs all seemed to have a grand time, only about a dozen were actually on a leash, and many not even under voice control. This seemed to cause some conflicts among dog owners. also, I...
  • collectors and tidepool explorers in the Marine Gardenclimbers in the Refuge
  • tidepooling and collecting


October 14, 2011 - TomandGretel
stopped to check on the Ecola Outfall signage... the previous 'temporary' sign has been approved by the city and is now posted prominently in 2 locations. It seems to have had an impact, as there was...
  • new and very much improved sign warning the public about possible contamination
  • signs of kid play activity despite sign
September 20, 2011 - TomandGretel
we feel that we are finally making some progress with the Ecola Outfall issue.Charlie Plybon from Surfrider, and Mike Manzulli from the Ecola Watershed have been great allies.also keeping an eye on...
  • sign reads: Warninguntreated drainage watermay be contaminated with animal wastedo not play in itwash hands thoroughly before eating
August 1, 2011 - TomandGretel
it is good to see so many families enjoying the beach. We would feel better if we knew that nobody will walk away with a tummyache or infection due to the contamination at the Outfall.We won't know...
  • its such an attractive nuisance, and irresistable to children
July 1, 2011 - TomandGretel
we received the summer beach quality report from Jennifer Ketterman's office today. The number of enterococci/100ml water at the Ecola Outfall is alarmingly high: 5475.Charlie Plybon from Surfrider...
  • this shows how ineffective the current language and placement of the sign are
June 13, 2011 - TomandGretel
We received the report on Beach Water Quality from Jennifer Ketterman's State office today.the e-coli count at the Ecola Outfall site was 2909 on Monday, June 13. ( the 'acceptable' high is 158 )We...
February 9, 2011 - TomandGretel
a beautiful day, but a very chilly NW wind.a 'bridge' has been installed at Ecola Outfall area. Its a step in the right direction. But the sign still says ' avoid prolonged contact', we would like to...
  • portable bridge installed enabling people to cross the outfall 'creek' without walking through the water.


November 2, 2010 - TomandGretel
A public health advisory has been issued for Cannon Beach.the count at the Ecola Outfall pipe is 1670 .Charlie Plybon from Surfrider is meeting with City of Cannon Beach manager Rich Mays and Public...
September 21, 2010 - TomandGretel
a very pleasant day to walk the mile.people seemed to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings, After the busy summer, the absence of children was very noticeable.
  • warning sign at Ecola Outfall pipe, where water may be contaminated at times.It is monitored by Surfrider with conjuction of Blue Water Task Force at Astoria High School, and the State of Oregon.
  • at the oufall site
August 11, 2010 - TomandGretel
its definitely the busiest time on the beach, and with warmer weather in the offing, we will see more activity. we are also concerned about some remnants of fireworks near the beachfire sites. we...
July 21, 2010 - TomandGretel
there seemed a lot of people enjoying the beach and tidepooling, even in midweek.still a problem with dogs off leash and not under voice control. Other dog owners with dogs on leashes complain. some...
  • they are playing in the area where the Ecola Outfall goes to the ocean
April 10, 2010 - TomandGretel
many people enjoying a sunny day on the beach.children playing in the creek running from the Ecola Outfall pipe.Still no warning sign posted.reading from Jennifer Ketterman taken 4/7 had count of 544...
  • building dams, digging, sitting in the wateradults supervising, with feet in the water...
April 1, 2010 - TomandGretel
an amazing number of people for this time of year, even Spring Break.the amount of trash is discouraging, it seems that the SOLV cleanup efforts have already been wiped out. there are still many...


October 24, 2009 - TomandGretel
beautiful day. we would have liked to see the beach closed to dogs until the episode with incapacitated birds due to the algae bloom had been officially declared over. as it turned out, at least our...
October 10, 2009 - TomandGretel
we do not receive any water quality report from Jennifer Ketterman's office during the winter months.Charlie Plybon ( Surfrider) has made arrangements with Tim Roth at Astoria High School for having...
October 6, 2009 - TomandGretel
after a city council meeting, it was decided that the city form an ad hoc committee to study the Ecola Court Outfall a bit more and Surfrider has offered their help to find a solution. a sign has...
  • sign above outfall pipe.
  • not visible unless looking directly at outfall pipe.
September 25, 2009 - TomandGretel
the city of Cannon Beach will be working with the Surfrider Foundation on a long-term solution to the problem with the Ecola Court Outfall pipe.A sign warning the public about contaminated water will...
September 15, 2009 - TomandGretel
Enterococci count to public hazard level and it has been reported to city with request for public sign near Gower Street outfall.
September 4, 2009 - TomandGretel
People keep enjoying this beach. Always lots of activity around Haystack Rock. The puffins have left. The horse apples left behind by the riders were a rather rude use of the beach.
  • this is a great 'building ' site for kids, always lots of dams, pools and other construction. Also the way for people to access the beach
  • damming up water at the contaminated site
June 29, 2009 - TomandGretel
pretty clean beach, considering that it is summer now.One dog running lose, no owner in sight.Dogs off leash continue to be a problem. many approach and don't heed owner's makes for a less...


December 22, 2008 - TomandGretel
there seems to be a considerable amount of erosion due to the high surf this winter.the debris is normal for this time of year, actually less signs of picnics etc.It would take very hardy souls to...
  • plastic sign attached to old /original Refuge sign.
  • its not guano!!
October 14, 2008 - TomandGretel
a nice sunny day, with people enjoying their walk. Most dogs well behaved, whether on or off leash. Only one exception, and we suggested to owners that he needed to be on a leash. They didn't carry...
June 20, 2008 - TomandGretel
we finally walked the entire mile. Usually working with HRAP by the Rock and only observe the remaining mile from the distance.We have switched with friends, who are now reporting on our previous...
  • a group of 6 hung around for a week


June 13, 2007 - tolovana 1
Very quiet for this time of year. We are just past the time when we have seen over 3000 school kids on the beach in the intertidal at Haystack Rock and before the summer rush begins. All will change...
April 6, 2007 - MBYSEA
Great day to be alive and to walk the beautiful beaches in Cannon Beach. Wish my children and grandchildren were here!!