Mile 280 Report

December 19, 2020
by CharmerDale

North of Happy Camp, south of Oceanside
Saturday 9:30 AM
50° F
Moderate from the SW
Tide Level:
3.1 ft
Humans / Pets:
Walking / Running:
Apparent Violations:
None of the dogs were on leashes.
Cars/Trucks on beach, allowed:
Activity Comments:
Park Ranger driving a pickup on the beach.
Notable Wildlife:
Dead Birds:
Signs of oil:
Fish & Invertebrates:
Kelp or Algae·Shells·Wood pieces·Land-based debris (picnics, etc.)·Plastic pellets·Styrofoam·Ocean-based debris (from fishing boats, ship trash, etc.)
Lots of small pieces of all of these.
New Development:
Natural Changes:
Landslides/major boulder falls·Visible retreat of solid bluff

Since it was a Saturday, the beach was relatively busy. Many people were walking their dogs... mostly unleashed!

  • Landslide
    South end of mile 280.
    December 19, 2020
  • Typical mix of seaweed, plastic, wood and other particles.
    December 19, 2020
  • People walking their dogs... unleashed!
    December 19, 2020
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January 21, 2021 - angelaarena
  • Gravel beds are back
  • Sand washed out
  • Continues to slide near The Capes


August 2, 2020 - angelaarena
February 2, 2020 - CharmerDale
There was quite a lot of erosion of the cliffs and sand dunes near THE CAPES gated community.Otherwise, the beach was clean with little debris following our recent KING TIDES!
January 20, 2020 - angelaarena


October 24, 2019 - angelaarena
Clear and warm. Very few people out. Watched the sunset. Saw one fishing boat at mouth of bay.
  • Sunset Netarts/Oceanside
  • Fishing Boat Netarts Bay


July 2, 2018 - angelaarena
8 people on the beach.  Large piece of driftwood smoldering from a fire that had not been properly extinguished. Monday morning observing the remnants of human activity over the weekend. Besides the...
  • Sand Shelf
  • Rock Beds
  • Driftwood Fire


November 29, 2014 - Volunteer Trainer
We found this mola on the beach north of Happy Camp Saturday November 29.We weren't doing our"official" mile survey, just taking a walk! It was about 12" long. We have never seen anything like it in...
  • 12 inch sunfish


April 14, 2012 - [email protected]
A busy spring day at the beach. Lots of people enjoying the resource in appropriate ways. It is interesting that there seems to be very little overlap between the groups that come in from Happy Camp...
  • The driftwood structure is completely destroyed. Remnants are scatter in front of the previous location
  • new beachgrass planted behind the drift fence at the base of the cliff


December 21, 2011 - [email protected]
Beautiful December day at the beach. Families enjoying the winter holidays in unexpected sunshine. Dogs are mostly well-behaved and under voice control. Little signs of using leashes but no one seems...
  • The sand has dropped below the erosion fence since our last visit
  • lots of tracks going up and down the sand slide to the top of the bluff
  • This is a substantial driftwood structure that appears to have been there a very long time. It includes signatures with dates, poetry on the walls, paper and pencils in sealable containers.
  • large rock dislodged from the cliff face
September 20, 2011 - [email protected]
Beautiful September day at the beach with 33 people enjoying the sunshine. Most were fishing for crab just in front of the Happy Camp boat launch. Several were out-of-town visitors who have come back...
  • Small stream that flows down from the bluff and across the sand in a fairly direct line. Someone had added a driftwood "bridge" to walk across midway up the beach. The stream can be easily waded at most places.
  • Stand of iris growing at the base of the cliff just in front of the "Sunset Shack". This driftwood structure has been there for a very long time and is decorated inside with poetry, notes, and initials carved into the supports and ceiling logs.


October 8, 2009 - BCWolff
The south end of Mile 280 is easily accessed from Happy Camp parking lot. There were always lots of small boulders to carefully walk over in front of this parking lot,It was low tide. Sea weed...
June 7, 2009 - BCWolff
There were always lots of small boulders to carefully walk over, but the area is a lot wider now and has a lot more boulders surrounding Fall Creek. There are still large enough logs over the creek...