Mile 28 Dispatch

April 23, 2013
by Shorething

Gold Beach Fairgrounds, airport, Rogue River South Jetty
Tuesday 4:00 PM
63° F
Moderate from the N
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A large beach fire erupted around 4 p.m. approximately on Mile 28 at Gold Beach. Location of where the fire started was visible from 4th St. How the fire started or what damage it has caused is unknown at this writing. I will check the beach later on today and take photos and submit another report.
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A large beach fire on Mile 28 of Gold Beach erupted today at approximately 4 p.m., causing large flames in the air and clouds of white and black smoke. Three fire trucks arrived on the scene, and a water truck. Approximately 5:30 p.m. the fire was contained. How the fire started or what damage it has caused isn't known at present.

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December 25, 2018 - AzaleaLane
Christmas Day on Mile 28.  We celebrated by  making Mimosas!  (It was also my birthday).  A bit breezy,but sunny.  3 people looking at rocks near the jetty.  2 people walking a dog.  I found a piece...
December 23, 2018 - AzaleaLane
This day, December 23, was the highest tide for this month.  We also went on December 21, but the high tide wasnot even close to the 23rd.  We found 4 painted rocks near Kissing Rock.  Amazing to...
October 1, 2018 - AzaleaLane
Our beach walk with Fawn Custer, October, 1, 2018.  We met at the Gold Beach Visitor Center, then walked south toward Turtle Rock and Kissing Rock.  Sunny day. Tide was low.  Fawn identified...
  • Foot
March 11, 2018 - AzaleaLane
A beautiful sunny day.  First time I have seen a Raven on the beach. It is good to see the Osprey with a fish.Previous concern about near-by dredging has been helped by equipment problems. The...
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December 25, 2017 - AzaleaLane
We only saw one other person on the beach on Christmas Day.  No dogs.  Beach was litter free.There was driftwood at the Rogue River jetty end.  Lots of small rocks near the surf. 


May 1, 2007 - themermaidscholar
Storm approaching. Cold wind blowing hard. Seals playing in the surf.