Mile 27 Report

April 15, 2007
by [email protected]

North of Hunter Creek, south of Gold Beach at Cunniff Cr
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ATVs on the Beach I see the evidence of ATVs being driven on the beach or I see the actual ATV. It ruins the tranqulity of the beach and I get angry instead of enjoying the beach. I usually turn around and come back home. I wonder if anyone else feels the same way?Several years ago I made a few phone calls to see if there was anything that I could do to prevent the ATVs from using the beach here in Giold Beach. I was told by all the police agencys that it wasn't their jurisdiction.Last fall a group of men were renting a town house across the street from me. The arrived with 4 ATVs. Three of them were the racing type. They raced them down the trail of the Inn of the Beachcomer stirring up lots of dust and then they preceeded to race them on the beach. It was very noisy and they were tearing up the beach. They could be heard along 101.I went over to the town house and explained to them the it was not legal to drive them on the beach. They ignored me. My son-in-law also went over and talked to them. I then called the Gold Beach Police, The highway patrol and got only voice mail. I left a message but noone called me backI then went on line and looked up on the Parks and Recreation site and found the information about where and what can be driven on the beach. I then called Parks and Recreation and they called the highway patrol and talked to the officer in charge of our area. I was called back and told to let the highway patrol know when they were on the beach. I did this and still they were taking them down to the beach every night. This all took two weeks. Finally the police did come down and talked to them. They were not given tickets or even written a warning.During good weather I still see ATVs gong down the hotel trails on both sides of my property. I have called the motels. The inn of the Beachcomber and Gold Beach Resort and I have not been able to talk to the owners. The person at the desk that i talked to did not seem to care if there were ATVs on the beach.I wonder if anyone else out there cares about these vehicles on our beaches. I feel that they are destroying out winter bird habitat. I also think that there is some effect on the plants along the conservation zone.
Problems with ATV's on the beach. Read comments fordetails
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May 1, 2009 - [email protected]
A sailboat was beached on this mile and left there for several weeks. It is now at the airport waiting to be taken to the boat basin. The owner rode the boat onto the beach and then walked away.