Rocky Habitat Workshop--2

April 28, 2022
Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development
Free--public meeting


Blacklock Point.
Blacklock Point.\Photo by Larry Basch.

The next phase of the state’s drawn-out “site designation” process, part of the new Rocky Habitat Management Strategy, is upon us. The Department of Land Conservation and Development is hosting three virtual workshops focused on proposals from community groups seeking protective Marine Conservation Area (MCA) designations for five sites.  The workshops take place April 27-29.  (For the first of the workshops, April 27, see separate listing.)

The second of the workshops, on Thursday, April 28, will deal with MCA proposals for Cape Lookout, 8:30 a.m.-noon, and Blacklock Point, 1-4:30 p.m.  Oregon Shores has taken a leading role in advocating for an MCA designation for Blacklock Point. For information about this site, contact Jesse Jones, CoastWatch volunteer coordinator, at (503) 989-7244, [email protected].)

These proposals have been slowly advancing through the process over the past two years.  The workshops provide the groups and individuals supporting these site designations to hone the proposals for final consideration. Once past this hurdle, the sites will be considered for final approval by the Ocean Policy Advisory Council later this year.

Agendas, workshop materials, and registration information can be found on the Oregon Ocean Information website, https://www.oregonocean.info/index.php/further-evaluation-workshops.

For questions about the meeting and the process, contact Andy Lanier, [email protected].