Coastal Landscape Planning Meeting

November 22, 2016
David Evans and Associates
2100 SW River Parkway
Portland, OR

Photo of the Alsea River estuary courtesy of The Wetlands Conservancy.
Photo of the Alsea River estuary courtesy of The Wetlands Conservancy.

Those with an interest in big-picture approaches to understanding vast landscapes will want to take note of a meeting taking place in Portland on Nov. 22. 

The meeting concerns a “blueprint” for planning a “climate resilient landscape” for the coasts of Oregon and Washington and the lower (tidal) Columbia basin.  The object of this blueprint is nothing less than a “Pacific Northwest Coast Landscape Conservation Design,” being created by the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative.  This is a “multi-partner driven initiative” with a wide range of partners that include the Bonneville Power Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Portland Metro, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council, The Nature Conservancy and many other federal, state and major NGO players, along with a number of business interests, primarily involved in consulting.  For more on the project, go to

To gain a sense of what the initiative is driving at, see the draft project plan.

The one-day meeting is to be held at the offices of David Evans and Associates, 2100 S.W. River Parkway in Portland.  According to the announcement for the meeting: 

“The purpose of this effort is to collaboratively develop a climate-resilient conservation blueprint for the coastal areas of WA and OR, including the Lower Columbia River.  Products from this work will help guide decisions that conserve natural and cultural resources in the face of landscape-scale stressors.  For this meeting, we welcome all of those interested in this work, including Core Team, Technical Advisors, and anyone who has not participated in previous meetings to join us. At the meeting we will review progress, discuss strategies developed to fund initial stages of the LCD (Landscape Conservation Design), and provide the latest details of the project.”

Registration is necessary.  To register, go here.