Armor Yourself to Deal with Riprap by Attending Rockaway Talk

October 26, 2015 - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Seminar Room of Rockaway City Hall
276 Hwy 101 South
Rockaway, OR

Photo of Courtney Johnson on the shore.
Courtney Johnson, an attorney who works with Oregon Shores through our Coastal Law Project, will provide an informal seminar on how citizens can engage with Oregon’s permitting system for shoreline protections structures (such as riprap) in Rockaway on Monday, Oct. 26.  The event, free and open to everyone, takes place 6-7:30 p.m. in the Seminar Room of Rockaway City Hall (276 Hwy. 101 South).

She will provide a complete walkthrough of State Parks’ permitting process, and suggest issues that citizens can raise in opposition to armoring the shoreline.  (Oregon Shores recently worked with local supporters to successfully block a riprap proposal in Rockaway; State Parks’ decision not to grant the permit is now on appeal.)  She will also discuss some of the ways in which climate change (including sea level rise increased storm surges) may affect land use and other regulatory decision in the future.  Finally, she will discuss some of the water quality issues, such as those relating to pesticide spraying and sedimentation due to logging, which are of concern to many Tillamook County residents.

Her presentation will conclude with an open question-and-answer session, during which those attending can ask about any land use or other regulatory matter that is of concern to them.

The event serves as a lead-in to the King Tide Project, which begins the next day.  Fawn Custer, CoastWatch’s volunteer coordinator, will give a brief opening talk on the citizen science project.  There is a direct connection to Courtney Johnson’s subject matter, since the project documents the highest tides of the year, which gives us a preview of erosional impacts in the future—the very types of impacts that lead to demands for riprap.

Bring your questions, and bring along anyone else who is concerned about land use, water quality or shoreline management issues.  For more information about the event, contact Fawn Custer, (541) 270-0027, [email protected].