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Mile Observer Date Summary Photos
96 D Bilderback 09/06/2006 Mussel shells and the kelp, Hymenena in low wrack. Wood, kelp (Cystoseria, Hymenena, Lessoniopsis, Nereocystis, Macrocystis), stones, broken sand dollars, sand crab molts, mussel shells, crab molts, 2 sea stars and razor clam shells in high wrack. Sanderlings on high beach and in surfline. Wide ridge of sand and shallow runnel sloping 6-16 degrees seaward. Coarser sand in runnel. No transverse dunes. New River flowing through narrow channel in the sand ridge. One Harbor Seal and Phalarope observed. Low human impact (0). Little human debris on beach. View full report 0
108 K Fassett 09/02/2006 Foraging shorebirds moving in response to people and dogs. One dead Common Murre and two dead gulls. Transverse dunes formed on beach. Moderate human use (12)- 10 walking and 2 flying kites. 12 vehicles in allowed area. People sluicing for gold. Removed approximately 300 pounds of trash. View full report 0
102 Elise102 08/22/2006 75 assorted juvenile and adult gulls. Some kelp but little debris in driftline. Beach grade is approximately 5 degrees. Heavy human use (27)- walking and 1 fishing (caught 6 perch with and two were over 10 inches long). View full report 0
150 flotsam 08/20/2006 Beach was very clean, there is an appreciable amount of driftwood up against the foredune. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 08/05/2006 Very high sand volume, no sharp drop-off at foredune. View full report 0
275 allison 08/03/2006 20 people walking, playing in surf, sitting. 4 dead murres. Nothing new. View full report 0
123 JoAnne 07/30/2006 Small amount of seaweed and kelp in driftline. Large amount of broken shells and small rocks near South Jetty of the Coos. Moderate amount of broken shells and rocks to the south of the stream. 2 dead birds. Foraging shorebirds moving frequently in response to humans and dogs. High human use (125)- 69 walking, 20 playing in surf, 10 playing in sand, 15 sitting, 8 surfing, 1 kayaking and 2 fishing. Removed small bag of litter. 9/16/06 100+ volunteers for Beach Cleanup. Several old campfire sites near dunes with large number of rusty nails. View full report 1
288 YaakovM 07/23/2006 Beach was generally very clean. Some accumulation of kelp (I arrived at low tide), small stones, and light litter. Less than usual.Nothing special noted, but it was wonderful to have to put a sweatshirt on to stay warm in the bracing ocean breeze while it was again 100 degrees in Portland. View full report 0
128 D Phillips 07/23/2006 Kelp, shells, crab castings, small rocks, wood and ocean-based debris in driftline. One dead gull, moderate human impact (12)- 8 walking (4 with dogs), 1 playing in surf, 1 playing in sand, 2 sitting and 1 fishing. 3 legal vehicles on beach. View full report 0
151 longjim7 07/20/2006 Beach was clean, people just enjoying nature. View full report 0
102 Elise102 07/13/2006 50 Sanderlings foraging at the surfline, 19 Brown Pelicans, 10 assorted juvenile and adult gulls. Lots of agates and fossils exposed on lower beach. One dead Common Murre. Heavy human use (38), 4 loose dogs. View full report 0
118 D Bone 07/01/2006 Two dead California Sea Lions and 1 dead Harbor Seal. Most California Sea Lions left area for breeding season. Large number of Stellar Sea Lions. Bog Lily restoration sites becoming overgrown with brush with no evidence of lilies. Three blooming Bog Lilies along trail. Slumped road cuts cleaned and reseeded. High human impact (41)- 10 walking and 31 engaged in nature study. View full report 0
153 bebdhm 06/24/2006 Wind and waves have moved sand up against the foredunes again. Dunes that were 8 - 10 ft. tall now appear 2 - 4 ft. No disturbance of top vegetation. There was one whole jellyfish; it looked 1/4 inch thick and clear and about 5 inches in diameter. Haven’t seen them previously. View full report 0
110 TRBishop 06/24/2006 One dead California sea lion. Major retreat of bluff and headline at Mile 110.3. Foraging seabirds. Moderate human impact (6)- walking and playing in surf. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 06/21/2006 Large numbers of dead mole crabs (not molts) washed up on beach. About 1/3 appeared to be gravid females bearing masses of bright orange eggs. View full report 0
151 longjim7 06/17/2006 Lots of sand has been deposited already this spring. However, not as much washed out this winter as in some previous years. Sometimes the face of the foredune is a eight-ten foot vertical cut, this time there was no face at all. Sand was a gradual slope from surf line right up into the dune. View full report 0
157 VKnox2 06/14/2006 Thousands of Mole crab carcasses in the high tide drift line. Some places as many as 20 per square foot also found small amount of Kelp, Rockweed, Bull. Still researching Mole crabs mortality. They are number one food source for Perch and some Shorebirds. They carry a parasite that if consumed in large enough quantities may prove fatal for both Shorebirds and Sea otters! View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/14/2006 This visit was made just after a significant low tide and the beach generally looked very clean with no change from the previous visit in February. I walked to the north end of the Bayocean Spit and around to Tillamook Bay. The Bay side also appeared to be clean and without evidence of disturbance. A steady rain on the return walk made it difficult to stop and take long observations. View full report 0
158 SNoble 06/11/2006 This visit was at ODNRA dune access. No people at the Overlook but eight on the trail and four on the mile to the beach. The areas where the restoration project took place are starting to vegetate with beach grass, both native and European. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 06/09/2006 Small Velella velella in driftline. Landslide around Waterfall Gully (Mile 111.5). Foraging surfbirds. Beach litter. Moderate human impact (5)- walking, playing in sand and rockhunting View full report 0
308 John Markham 06/01/2006 Nothing of partcular concern seen. View full report 0
102 D Brittain 05/14/2006 Small rocks in drifline. Foraging shorebirds moving in response to human activity. High human impact (30)- 18 walking, 2 fishing, 5 flying kites and throwing Frisbees. Two OHV observed in restricted area. Talked to Jim Peterson, Bullard’s Beach Park Ranger about the OHV issue. He advised not to approach drivers using vehicles on beach that are in violation of “no motorized vehicles allowed”, however if we could supply the license plate and vehicle description, he would follow up with the drivers. View full report 0
109 Foggy 05/03/2006 Recreational gold mining in Whisky Run. New build-up of sand covering many anemones. A few Velella velella on beach. Foraging sea birds. One pickup on beach within allowed area. Low human impact (3) walking, rockhounding and sluicing for gold. View full report 1
151 longjim7 04/24/2006 Observed: small sand crabs, small crabs, undulating beach sand, stretches of new large and small wood debris. View full report 0
157 bzenderson 04/20/2006 High sand volume, boat buried. Quite a lot of standing water in dunes. One Kelp strand 48-50 feet long. Lots of broken shells below drift line in sand. View full report 0
216 Ranger Bug 04/18/2006 (Velella velella) in broad gray swash rows. The jellies (actually hydrozoans, related to jellyfish) are mostly 5-10 mm (.2-.4 inches) across. The largest specimens I encountered were 20 mm (3/4 inch) across. There must have been millions of them. I detected them by smell as I approached the beach, long before I saw them. View full report 0
109 Foggy 03/20/2006 More than the usual junk on beach. 55gal drum washed up. 1 dead rhinoceros auklet View full report 0
111 TRBishop 03/16/2006 Small rocks, land and ocean based debris in driftline. Landslides, retreat of bluff and erosion of foredune. 2 dead Rhinoceros Auklets. Shinny, gray, oily substance seeping out of hillside. Low human impact (0). View full report 0
157 VKnox2 03/16/2006 Seen an Osprey and many razor clams on shore. Part of the dune is caving in and some beach grass has washed away View full report 0
308 John Markham 03/02/2006 Nothing out of the ordinary; birds seen: immature bald eagle, fledging grebe, many gulls. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 02/15/2006 On a mild, mid-winter day, the beach at Bayocean Spit was quiet. Much debris was visible, perhaps as a result of the beach being scoured by winter storms that exposed old, buried debris. On the Tillamook Bay side, Tillamook County workers were bringing in rock fill to repair holes in the County road. View full report 0
109 Foggy 02/08/2006 Lots of trash on beach south of Fivemile Point; very little north. A few very large new stumps clustered near access. View full report 2
34 edbear 01/07/2006 100kg dead seal, finally disintegrated after about 4 weeks, helped by turkey vultures View full report 0
104 D Brittain 12/22/2005 Virgin sand with large driftwood logs against foredunes. Low human impact (0). 1 gull in flight. View full report 0
102 D Brittain 12/16/2005 Foraging birds. Shells in driftline. Large logs and driftwood above current high tide line. 1 dead bird. Moderate human impact (7)- 5 picnicking, 2 removing driftwood logs. Evidence (tire tracks) of vehicles in restricted area. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 11/09/2005 A beautiful late afternoon fall day. Little debris was evident and no other people were seen. Bright sun and light wind plus some shorebirds foraging in the surf made for an uneventful and relaxing walk on the beach. View full report 0
308 John Markham 10/04/2005 A few more dead birds than usual (2 western grebes, 2 immature gulls, 1 american crow, 4 common murre). Notable molts. View full report 0
109 Foggy 09/28/2005 Light human use (9) View full report 2
102 D Brittain 09/25/2005 Sand being removed and short bluffs formed near tideline. Foraging shorebirds moving slowly in response to humans. Small to medium rocks in driftline. Hundreds of clear, tiny jellyfish (ctenophores or comb jellies) washed up above tideline. Moderate human impact (10)-walking, and rock hunting. Concern about people feeding seagulls. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/02/2005 Beach was quite clean and looked relatively unchanged. Tide was receding during observation period. Very little debris noticed. There were small dunes in the sand, formed by recent winds. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/20/2005 Beach was again very clean and looked similar to previous visits. Tide was pulling out during observation period. Debris was very minor, a piece of netting here or a bottle there.Overall, the beach looked beautiful, quiet, and relatively unspoiled as usual. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 04/21/2005 Animal casing in driftline. Foraging shorebirds. Large Califonia Sea Lion carcass on beach. Low human impact (3)-2 walking, 1 fishing and 1 mining. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/21/2005 Observation was at low tide, mid-afternoon. Generally very quiet and, perhaps because of recent storms, there was little debris (plastic, styrofoam, etc.) on the beach. it could have been blown into the dunes behind the beach. Overall, little or no change. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 11/27/2004 Beach seemed very clean, with only a little ocean debris in the high tide area. Saw few birds including several adult and juvenile Western gulls and small flocks (10-50) of sandpipers flying by.Weather was partly sunny, but windy with observations made near low tide. Little on beach except small stones. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 11/15/2004 Hundreds of jellies wshed up on beach. Some still alive and moving a little bit. At middle of mile, counted 100+ jellies in a 150ft radius. Most were about 1 inch in diameter but some were as large as 15-20 inches. Low human impact (5)-3 walking and 2 gold mining. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 11/09/2004 Two seal carcasses on beach. Low human impact (6)-walking, rockhunting and driving golf balls. Walked the mile four times since the last report. No major problems except occasional OHV in restricted area. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/19/2004 The beach was peaceful with little sign of human activity. The litter noted was almost all ocean based as some of the glass and plastic bottles had Oriental writing on them. The sky was lightly clouded on this beautiful fall day. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/19/2004 Human activity, possibly illegal, was noticeable on this late spring trip. Camping, possibly parking overnight, and setting of fires were all in evidence. The question is how much does Tillamook County allow on the Bayocean Spit and does it enforce its rules? View full report 0
288 YaakovM 02/21/2004 Unidentified species of whale that had been dead for quite a while and was in an advanced state of decomposition. Many gulls were feeding on it. Beach was relatively unchanged from last visit the previous September. There was an accumulation of litter that seemed typical after winter storms. Overall, the litter and debris was light, but it would be good to have a volunteer clean-up like SOLV does in the spring. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 02/13/2004 Low human impact (2)-walking. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 12/21/2003 Foraging shorebirds. Shipwreck debris on beach. Moderate human impact (12)-4 walking, 8 rockhunting. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/13/2003 The beach looked clean with no evidence of change. Litter was generally light: styrofoam here and there, and a plastic bottle or two. The highlight was seeing the young Air Force soldiers building survival shelters out of driftwood as part of their annual training exercise. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/06/2003 Conditions generally unchanged. Saw less litter than usual, and it's usually light. Adjacent miles 287 and 289 had more activity: camping on mile 287 plus on the bay side of the spit, and dead birds on each of the other miles. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 05/23/2003 Foraging shorebirds. A probably "sick" porcupine sitting next to car tire. One dead bird. Low human impact (2), walking. Concerned about beach litter. View full report 0
111 TRBishop 05/18/2003 Animal casing in driftline. Shipwreck debris on beach. Styrofoam and land-based debris in driftline. Foraging shorebirds. Moderate human impact (12)-5 walking, 4 playing in sand, 2 sitting and 1 surfing. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/30/2003 A generally quiet day with no noticeable changes on the beach from last visit in November of 2002. Plenty of shorebirds and two diving ducks with problems. Driftline content and debris was light. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 11/28/2002 A beautiful, sunny, Thanksgiving Day walk. Mile 288 seemed unchanged from last walk. No significant debris and little bird/animal life noted. Beach continues to be peaceful, calm, and unsullied. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 08/27/2002 Beach was very quiet and quite windy. There was little evidence of litter or other human activity. The beach itself is changing. There is more sand in some areas and less in others. In the former, there are dune-like areas where previously it was flat. In the latter, there are new, large pools of water (at higher tides) in areas that were previously sandy. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/02/2002 Observed no particular changes since last visit, which was November of 2001. Did note that the County had placed "Trail" signs both along the bay and along the high dune area. Beach and dune area were generally clean, with the usual exceptions of small amounts of probably ocean-based debris. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 11/24/2001 Beach was very quiet. Litter observed was light. Nothing special to note. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/29/2001 Mile 288 continues to be very quiet, and beautiful. Because access requires hiking at least two miles from the Bayocean Spit parking lot, it is unlikely that there will be significant change. The only problem that seems to occur are ocean based debris that vary from light to moderate. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 06/24/2001 Tide was somewhat low, but coming in during time of observation. Saw little bird or other life. Noted many sand crabs at the drift line. Most were dead, but some were still moving. Beach was very calm. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/18/2001 Observed during low tide on a very windy, very rainy day. Wind blew so hard I could lean into it and it stood me up. Saw no other people and the beach appeared clean and unchanged although observations were difficult to make. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/09/2000 Litter was very light and beach was generally very clean. No noticeable changes from last visit. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 05/14/2000 Nothing unusual to report. Litter was light, mostly in the dunes or well back of the high tide line. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 03/12/2000 Generally beach had small amounts of debris on this cloudy later winter walk. There were several large plastic drums which will have to be removed by some organized force, i.e., Tillamook County or SOLV. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 08/07/1999 On a very rainy day, Carol and I walked along the surf line with few stops because of the inclement weather. The beach looked the same as usual, except much kelp had been deposited by the high tide. Buried in the sand near the foredunes near the north end of mile 288, noticed an old pier - wood with concrete and ropes. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 04/16/1999 Beach looked normal on a gorgeous spring day. Light debris plus one magnificent adult bald eagle that landed on the beach. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 09/15/1998 Nothing unusual on beach. Walked north along the hard sand to the south jetty of Tillamook Bay and then walked back south along the low dunes abutting the beach. Noted light debris and garbage. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 12/31/1996 Extremely windy winter walk. Noted more human debris than usual, perhaps because of the stormy, windy conditions. Debris noted was plastic bottles, some bags, and metal drums. Also saw planks attached to each other like from the side of a boat. The natural features of the mile seemed unchanged. View full report 0
288 YaakovM 05/26/1996 This was my first visit to mile 288 after adopting the mile early in 1995. Some of the dynamics of the mile are 100% sandy beach in the intertidal zone, approximately a 300 foot wide intertidal zone, a 100% sandy high tide zone, and 100% of the beach is flat or only has a slight rise.None of the mile has any man-made structures. The upland adjacent to the shore is 100% vegetated dunes backed in part by bluffs that rise 20-50 feet above the high tide line. All the bluffs are of slight to moderate slope.There are no offshore rock outcroppings or islands or kelp beds visible during low tides.This was the first of many, many future visits to mile 288 on Bayocean Spit. View full report 0