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1 mmcdowell 05/27/2007 Access to the beach south of Winchuck R. is strewn with homeless type trash. There is a semi-abandoned looking RV parked along the access trail, brought in from the south end roads. Might not be abandoned? The beach was clean; neither natural nor trash debris to speak of. I only walked south of the Winchuck R. View full report 0
1 [email protected] 05/17/2008 This is not my mile, but I am switching to it for ease of access. (See report for Mile 2) It was Saturday and no construction activity was visible. The visitor center building is going up -- see photo.Site is still closed to general public. View full report 1
1 floral 11/04/2007 This is not my mile but did want to see how the area is coming with the new construction. Big Hole and lots of work going on....beach was enjoyed by several on this beautiful day. View full report 5
1 [email protected] 07/26/2009 Bright, sunny day at this Park/Visitor Center. Lots of people out enjoying themselves. Only problem noticed was that there was much litter everywhere. One man with Volunteer hat was collecting trash in the parking lot. Park is getting more landscaping plantings and will end up looking pretty good (except for all the concrete!). View full report 1
1 [email protected] 03/09/2009 Mile 1 is the site for the new Crissey State Park & Visitor Welcome Center. Has been open only about 2 weeks. Minor trash on beach, such as tennis shoes, tangle of rope, plastic bottles. Next time I plan to take a garbage bag. Area landscaping is not bad, but the building itself is a travesty of design. I haven't seen so much concrete in one place since visiting Columbia River dams!Pleasant beach to walk on south side of Winchuck River, but north side completely blocked by large driftwood logs and debris. View full report 5
1 [email protected] 04/15/2010 Everything still in well-kept condition at this mile, which is the Crissey Field Recreation Area (and Visitor Center, USFS, etc.). It still looks like an intrusion into the area, but maybe time will mellow things. There is a Park host RV located off the main road, but no camping/picnicing areas. Maybe he is the one who keeps the area policed up. View full report 0
1 [email protected] 01/26/2010 Beautiful sunny and warm day. Lots of people out walking the beach. Almost no litter to be seen--someone's doing a good job (or hopefully, everyone)and it shows from my last visit. View full report 1
1 Barbara 10/12/2009 Last day before first storm approaching. New ugly buildings visible: Crissey Field Visitor Center and huge new palace-style "home" at mouth of Winchuck. Beach beautiful. View full report 0
1 [email protected] 02/07/2011 Very cold and windy. Two people near the visitor center. Center, except for restrooms, closed. Guess it's only open weekkends, under spring arrives. Nothing to report of any note. View full report 0
1 Barbara 06/21/2010 The Winchuck River Mouth has been fascinating to watch. Huge quantities of sand and gravel have moved around. Sand now covering part of clambeds ("Hooray!the clams say). A sand island appears and disappears at the mouth. Mouth has moved substantially north and back again the last few months. Winter storms are cutting into banks. Have seen otters, seals, a raccoon and many species of birds this Spring...when we ould get on the beach in the RAINY weather we've had. View full report 0
1 [email protected] 10/14/2011 Fisrst time I've seen so many pelicans hanging around; maybe 30 or more. Unusual, even for this (Pelican)bay. Beautiful sunny shirt sleeve weather and almost no wind. Only a few people about, even tho this is the Oregon Visitor Center; FYI, it is the most well-stocked one I've seen. Enormous amount of drift wood covering the sand right to the Winchuck River and the Pacific. View full report 2
1 floral 01/31/2014 Walked the sand dune like area and found the tide very high.. up to the grass in many places toward the Calif. boarder..lots of tree stumps and dead trees on the beach from the Winchuck River I surmise. The waves were not too wild but the tidecame up to the paths made to travel to the beach area. View full report 4
1 floral 12/01/2013 Mile 1 today was calm seas even though it was highest tide..walking at the Crissy field was easy and interesting driftwood about.Saw a Great blue heron fishing at the mouth of the river.Also saw tow Eagles flying high and sea gulls. When I drove around to the other side of the Windchuck River I could see a seal swimming toward the bridge. A watcher who lives there, said the sealwas looking for the first Steelhead that were coming into the river.Human trash was not visible anywhere, making it a wonderful walk and an empty trash bag to take home. View full report 0
1 iornman777 01/13/2018

There were a few large tires on the beach. We cleaned debris off the beach but was unable to remove large tires.

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1 mmcdowell 11/26/2020

Crissey Field Visitor Center and Winchuck River access on north side of river are both opened today. They were both closed when I last visited in July and also within the last month or two as I observed closed gates when driving by. I did not walk on north side of river, spending time walking entire stretch of south side past Calif border to the headland below the White Rock Resort Cabins instead which I measured as a 3 mile round trip. The beach on the Oregon side of the border and south of the river is very clean with no impacts. People walking were enjoying warm sunny weather on Thanksgiving Day. Very little bird activity. Winchuck River mouth side channel on south side prevents walking from bridge to beach.

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1 mmcdowell 07/31/2021

Beach looks super clean; no litter except for one dog poo bag. People activity concentrated nearer to Vistor Center on south side of river and closer to mouth of river on north side. Activities: surf fishing, family gatherings, walkers; everyone behaving nicely and happy even in the fog (warm with no wind). Observed vehicle tracks in soft sand mid slope. I walked past park boundary south to rental cabins at south end of beach where there were several more people, some with a beach fire and some playing in the ocean. I was on the beach 1.5 hours.

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1 jessejones 08/31/2021 DISPATCH

Most important observation was the dumped contruction material - mostly wood -  at the end of a rough trail down the west side of dune. Reported it to the staff at the travel center, who also walk the beach, and to the ranger at Harris Beach. Plenty of colorfulful seaweed in the multicolored cobble and in the wrack. A few beachcombers picking up driftwood sticks and rocks. 

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1 mmcdowell 10/12/2021

High tide reaching close to vegetation (composed of European beach grass) above the waveslope. Beach condition pristine; no litter (except for a fresh half eaten sub sandwich sitting on a log). Flock of gulls at mouth of Winchuck including a couple Heerman's gulls. 

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1 mmcdowell 08/22/2022

Human activity: 23 people, 6 dogs. Most walking, 4 playing in surf, 2 surf fishing. All dogs on leash. Surf fishing seems too close to pelican fishing due to potential for entanglement. Beach is very clean but I did not walk north side of Winchuck River. Shoreline wildlife: Mostly continuous wrackline of dried up seaweed. 100 Brown pelicans diving at mouth of Winchuck River, roosting on offshore rocks and large squadrons flying in from the south.


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2 [email protected] 08/27/2007 Some erosion at foot of bluffs and small trees dislodged and fallen over, but it looks pretty much as to be expected. No human intervention apparent. View full report 0
2 Harbor Jo 04/23/2007 Noticed more people than usual. Fisherman had caught some fish. Generally there is some regrowth of vegetation on previously eroded slopes. View full report 0
2 [email protected] 06/01/2007 Beach is getting steeper due to wave action, but in general things seem fine. Winter storm action is evident everywhere. Giant redwood stump moved inland 15 feet--impressive! View full report 3
2 Harbor Jo 03/13/2007 Heavy rains over the last two months have caused additional gradual cliff erosion. In Low tides there are generally more rocks exposed in the surfline. Large timbers are scattered on the beach. View full report 0
2 [email protected] 05/16/2008 Beach looked in good shape from on the bluffs. Due to minor continuing erosion of path, which was bad before, I was unable to get down to beach: cause mainly a creaky, stiff old body. Some folks have started making a new path just north of the ravine; I feel this is not a problem. One man waS picking up trash on the north side, but it looked to be quite minor. Beach does seem to have sand washed away at water's edge, exposing many more areas of low rocks. View full report 2
2 floral 02/13/2008 Walked the whole mile in two days and found the tides and rain has caused erosion to the bluffs near the McVey Park. found one dead Grebe again(9 total this year) the mile was very clean of trash and had lots of new driftwood and kelp washed ashore during the storms. sand shifting and rocks showing I've not seen before. beautiful days to walk the 11, and 13th of February. View full report 5
2 [email protected] 02/09/2008 Beautiful, warm sunny day. Many people on top of bluff in day use area, but only one, with a dog,on the bit of beach that wasn't covered by the high and winter tide. What I could see looked normal -- as ever. View full report 2
2 floral 01/23/2008 mile 2 has sand shifts. Towards the Mcvey Park the sand has gone and left large rocks and fist size rocks where sand used to be and the sand hascome back to the western side of the mile. only on very low tides can you walk the mile and not get your feet wet.The rain has caused a slide on the high bluffs.disturbing most is the 8 Grebes found dead on the drift piles. View full report 3
2 floral 11/22/2007 I love to walk this mile, when the tides let me.beautiful day The Black Turnstones were so pretty in flight and was glad to see them again. View full report 2
2 [email protected] 11/13/2008 No visible activity, probably due to the windy weather but mainly because it was high tide and little of the beach was walkable. Next trip I'll check the tide tables first berore going.Apparently there had been very heavy rain just before today. There were streams from the blufs across the beach that were much wider and deeper than usual. View full report 0
2 [email protected] 07/15/2008 Very quiet day; ocean completely flat and no people/cars around. All looked normal. View full report 0
2 1beachboy 03/08/2009 The shore showed very little change from prior walks. The beach was clean with very little litter washed ashore. View full report 0
2 floral 02/28/2009 Beautiful day of sunshine and enjoyed the walk of part of mile 2 area. (from Southwind point to past the McVay Park.)Noted footprints of dogs and a person, the river otter prints also but saw no one. One dead harbor seal that the birds have been trying to get rid of.The erosion of the bluff about 1/2 mile south of my walk was new. New rooted tree stumps and a few water bottles.see pictures. View full report 13
2 floral 03/02/2009 The last part of mile 2 (ends at Red Point) I was able to walk because no one around to stop me when I went looking for permission to pass the NO TRESPASS signs. New development of the Southwind point. About 8 trees removed and digger there to smooth after pulling roots to prepare for building. Site looks clean. A nice area to walk. View full report 14
2 1beachboy 01/28/2010 Beach was very normal and natural. A small amount of styrofoam (3 small pieces) was disposed of properly. There were no litter or can problems. There is more driftwood along the shore because of winter river flooding. Vegetation line looks normal. View full report 0
2 1beachboy 12/13/2009 VERY FEW CHANGES SINCE LAST WALK. View full report 0
2 1beachboy 09/03/2009 Beach was clear of all types of trash and in very good condition. Vegetation is growing right down to tidal area. Very little sign of human activity. View full report 0
2 floral 01/30/2014 Mile two has had a busy week with the debri washing-up from the boat that sank in the harbor . A dog, jackets and shoes . Also a few Lingcod heads , chitons, dead infant seal and earlier in the month a soupfin shark.the beach is pretty clean of man-made garbage, and a lot more that usual sand washing in with the tide. View full report 4
2 floral 12/01/2013 I try and walk this mile three or four times a week.The changes are wonderful shifting of driftwood and sand. never a boring walk. Wish I could get around the points and see past the "do not trespass signs."I did stop at Holy Street and take a picture over the cliff.Mcvey park is better now that they put a few steps down to the beach but not for the weak as it is steep and no handrails. see pictures (if I can download them.. View full report 0
2 floral 11/16/2016 DISPATCH

I took these about 11:45-12:00 today.  Mile two (looking toward Southwind Point)  I have a lot of film of this cove from 1987 to current. Flora Reid


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3 floral 09/12/2007 no new developments that I could see. lots of fine sand. two water ways from the cliff coming down to sea..normal springs busy parking lot, people reading paper, watching the waves, walking the sidewalk and the beach.flora View full report 0
3 floral 06/20/2007 very clean beach walk..did not pick-up any trash till I was at the port. Dirty diaper then in parking lot. other wise even the port was clean.looked like 29 campers and one tent camping .gravel groins building slowly on the shore for summer tides. seems to have sand moving closer to the port and less to the east. will take pictures when my new computer gets set up. View full report 0
3 floral 02/06/2008 Sporthaven Beach is one of the only easy public acsess areas for 8 miles and was pleased to see people enjoying the cool walk and ocean viewing area. Found more sand to be closer to the mouth of the Chetco River and groins of gravel south of the mile as well as the large logs. clean of garbage and trash and picked-up only a few water bottles. nice walk View full report 0
3 floral 11/30/2007 found a dead Sea Gull at the boat landing on 11/27/07 The blue paint and red (not blood) confused me as to what kind of bird it was..took pictues View full report 2
3 floral 11/24/2007 Was not able, due to tides, to walk the whole mile but took pictures of the 3/4 miles I walked. The coast guard was towing in a boat, and I noticed a concrete square I had not seen before that fell or was dumped. beautiful day to walk and was delighted to see no litter on the beach. View full report 5
3 floral 03/06/2009 The Tide was at a minus 0.1 and I was able to walk the whole mile today. several new steps have been built to the beautiful beach there. People were out enjoying the fair weather. Took pictures to document for future comparison. One lone oystercatcher was sighted and many gulls flying and some checking the rocks for food.Was startled to see duff (forest floor material) in large quanities on this mile.. have not seen this much in three years I've walked this area.picked up a shoping bag of man made garbage mostly plastic beverage cans and bottles. One surfer enjoying the day and a clam digger. View full report 1
3 [email protected] 06/16/2014 Walked the beach South from the Best Western Motel to the tide pools and rocks near what I believe was Red Point {no GPS with me} The section of beach gets much less usage than the section from the Best Western Motel North to the Mouth of the Chetco River. Still it is well used. Beach is generally is generally in good condition except for the two relatively minor problems noted. Observed perhaps two dozen or more Ochre Sea Stars in the tide pools. I saw no dead sea stars, missing limbs, lesions, or other evidence of Wasting disease. This very local population of Ochre Sea Stars seems healthy, at least at this moment in time View full report 0
3 [email protected] 05/26/2014 DISPATCH A pair of Grey whales spouting approximately 400-500 yards off Sporthaven beach. Lingered past 7:00 PM View full report 0
3 floral 01/30/2014 Mile three has been busy week,trying to get the Fishing Boat Jo Marie that sank back-up and to dry land and out of the middle of the entrance of the harbor. Lots of people looking , milling around all week and Coast Guard and port personnel keeping the people from venturing too close to the mouth of the river and harbor entrance. Series of extreme High tides also had a lot of persons at the port area. the mile to the south of the river was clean and lots of sand coming in with the tide.noted that the port has moved large rock to the small boat launch area of the Harbor to try and stabe the ground from eroding into the Harbor area. View full report 3
3 floral 01/22/2014 Please see report of 01/30/14 View full report 0
3 [email protected] 01/10/2015 Natural and made debris on Sporthaven Beach View full report 3
3 Volunteer Trainer 11/15/2016

The photos were taken during breaks in the storm.  The tide was to be 8.49 ft.  In relation to the large woody debris from previous greater tides, there was no concern with impact on the surrounding area.  People were out walking their dogs and taking photos.  No noticible concern of debris, or dead animals.  Small amount of marine debris, including plastic bits, styrofoam, and plastic rope.  Small amount of land-based debris, straws, flipflop, food wrapper.  All vehicles were parked in the parking lot. 

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3 FionaDC 09/27/2022

8 Western Gulls, 2 Cormorants on sea rocks possibly Pelagic, 8 Cormorants flying together appeared to be Double-crested. 29 people, 6 dogs, 2 people picking up recycling. 

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3 FionaDC 10/18/2022

People walking, playing in the sand, rockhunting, surfing and fishing, debris from picnicing, and fires noted. Metal ramps removed down to beach, improvements to Beachfront RV Park noted. 2 Common ravens on beach, 2 juvenile Double-crested cormorants swimming and diving, 1 Pelagic Cormorant flying.

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3 FionaDC 12/14/2022

Natural changes in the sand deposition; wrack line includes wood pieces, animal casings, small amount of plasitics and fiberglass debris. Improvements to Beachfront RV Park noted. Shoreline wildlife includes 20 Western Gulls, 18 juvenile, 2 adult; 3 Crows; 50 Cormorants fishing in water appear to Double-crested.

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4 pelican 04/23/2010 All in all, the two beaches remain beautiful and undisturbed by people. A few deer were found nesting and relaxing close to the cliff's edge, among the bushes and driftwood debris. The most startling, though, was the force of the water that occurred during our last storm in Late Feb. early March. These are HUGE logs, drifted down from the Chetco River and deposited on the shoreline of the beach. To see these logs, having been thrown around like pick up sticks and deposited up the bank and onto the walkway, is unbelievable. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 06/23/2011 Didn't know where to put this.Seacliff terrace access, weeds need cutting down. Fire hazard. Last year someone cut them down.Also sign stating "No Access, Dusk til dawn", fell down and hasn't been put back up.huge fallen tree washed up over winter, blocks walking on North jetty to the beach.Who do I call for each of these???Thx. View full report 0
4 pelican 12/14/2010 On this beautiful day in mid-December, the beach areas were littered with large root balls from trees and other large logs which had, along with kelp debris, littered around the beach area and, i suspect, were uncovered from the strong wave action of previous days storms. Normally, these large logs, etc. are closer up to the banks. All was calm, a few seagulls soaring around, watching our every move, and sparkling blue water in the little alcove that makes up the North Jetty Beach. It was fun talking with the couple from Medford area who were, needless to say, enthralled with this beach and its beauty. It was a privilege to be down there on this day. View full report 0
4 pelican 06/20/2010 These two areas on either side of Tanbark Point looked good. Little debris, Osprey on her nest and a few Pelicans dotted the water. Only physical change was due to the big logs thrown up onto the walkway of the North Jetty Beach access, causing fewer people to use this jetty and beach and allowing weeds to grow up over the little trail. The sewer plant and the slippage of the cliff below are being monitored closely by the water department of Brookings and no danger at this point to beach walkers. If one becomes imminent, the beach access will be closed while the problem is solved. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 06/19/2012 Brookings City water treatment plant erosion looks complete as far as the path to the beach. south of Chetco Point. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 02/04/2012

Some of the debris I'm guessing is from docks that broke up during the Tsunami, March 2011.

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4 mtuffey 03/17/2012 View full report 0
4 mtuffey 12/10/2011 All seems well. Not much rain so erosion not a problem anywhere. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 09/19/2011 There are two distinct sections of mile 4. The northern section, referred to as Macklyn Cove, is only accessible at low tide, and even then it is very rocky walking from Chetco point. I checked with my CoastWatch contacts here in Brookings, Ed Rossiter and Dave Lacey, and neither of them know of another access point. On my walk I noticed stairs coming down from a gated community. Access from there would certainly be simpler. My predecessor, Paula Edwards, is out of town. When she comes back I'll ask how she accessed Macklyn Cove. There must be a better way! View full report 0
4 mtuffey 09/26/2013 All is quiet, with the exception of Chetco Point beach, with the dead grey whale skeleton. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 06/17/2013 Nothing new or changed. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 03/17/2013 I am uploading a picture of the tire. Sorry I didn't get a picture of the wood. View full report 1
4 mtuffey 12/03/2012 This should actually be a DsipatchEd RossiterEdward L. RossiterCurry County Coast Watch Reports CoordinatorMAIL: P.O. Box 1628, Gold Beach, OR 97444-1628SHIP: 32102 Chantrelle Lane, Gold Beach, OR 97444-9567Phone(Land Line): 541-247-8004Cell: 541-698-7407e-mail: [email protected] View full report 1
4 mtuffey 09/20/2012 beach south of Chetco Point contained a large plastic pipe, and an old rusty oil drum. two different spots, not related. see photos, uploaded View full report 2
4 mtuffey 06/22/2014 Everything looks normal, with the exception of the closing of Chetco Point park. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 03/23/2014 No erosion problems so far this winter. No other problems either. Just people enjoying a sunny day on spring break. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 01/30/2014 DISPATCH I found a dead stringray on our beach today. I think it may have washed up today or yesterday. Attached are pictures. View full report 3
4 mtuffey 12/12/2013 I don't know where the loose tires floated in from. They have English writing on them. The beach is remote and removal of the tires would require some work. The other site, where junk cars were left back in the 30's, and the cliff has collapsed over the years, this junk has been surfacing for years, various car parts. View full report 3
4 mtuffey 10/08/2015 Everything is normal and quiet. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 07/04/2015 Nothing new or exciting. Things are stable. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 03/21/2015 Everything seems fine, except by the North Bank jetty, where there is a lot of driftwood, and the soil is eroding around the rocks. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 09/29/2014 Nothing has changed, since June. The exception is that Chetco Point park which is part of mile 4 and 5 has been closed over the summer, due to water treatment plant work. The work is supposed to fix a landslide area below the plant. The sign says it is scheduled to reopen Oct 17th. So access to that part of mile 4 is closed. View full report 0
4 mtuffey 03/20/2016

Usual winter driftwood. Back in Feb. there was a dead deer washed up on the beach. No one disturbed it, and it washed back out.

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4 mtuffey 07/01/2016

Osprey sighted by its nest. Nothing else noteworthy to report.

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4 mtuffey 12/19/2015

No real news to report. Only person on beach. Always a lot of seaweed on this beach. Observed usual contingent of gulls, plus three chitons.

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4 mtuffey 09/23/2016

Retaining wall complete on Buena Vista Loop, from damage two years ago, city pipe backed up. Also new drain at 313 1/2 Memory Lane, to improve drainage, and avoid further erosion of the bluff.

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4 mtuffey 09/22/2016

Everything looks good.

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4 mtuffey 12/13/2016 View full report 0
4 mtuffey 12/15/2016

Overall things remain unchanged, despite the heavy rains and storms.

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4 mtuffey 03/22/2017

With all the heavy rainfall, slides are my major concern.

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4 mtuffey 12/23/2017 View full report 0
5 Berner 08/30/2007 mild continuing slides on bank, same sites as noted on prior reports. Dead small whale on shore. View full report 0
5 Berner 06/20/2007 Mile five, which I view/walk 2-3 times/week, remains stable. The erosion/bluff slides that I have noted (and sent pictures) over the past three years have changed very little. The beaches that attract local residents have been blessedly free of campers for the past two years thanks to the efforts of the Brookings PD. Litter levels have also diminished due to encouraging potential overnighters to utilize the State Parks in our vicinity View full report 0
5 Berner 02/25/2007 no significant changes from the Nov. 2006, trip. Winter storms have done nothing unusual this year on this stretch in so far as I can tell View full report 0
5 Berner 03/04/2008 Considering the winter storms we have experienced, there has been relatively little visible impact on the shore. The sand that recedes during the winter seems to be shifting back in; no apparent new vegetation at the high water line. View full report 0
5 Berner 11/09/2007 see above; stable, no notable changes over the summer View full report 0
5 Berner 12/18/2008 Rather benign visit, given the storms of late with high wave action. No significant changes since last report View full report 0
5 Berner 08/26/2008

Mile five seems to be generally stable except for the crumbling bluff noted above and constant shifting of the entry of Mill Creek into Macklyn Cove (an annual rearrangment). Unlike a year ago, there has been no evidence of beaching of mammals. The pelicans have been expecially evident and active this year, feeding off the waters near the beachline for the entire length of mile five.

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5 Berner 03/10/2009 mile 5 to the extent that it is accessible--from Chetco Point to 1/8 mile north of the little offshore projection just south of the condos--has changed very little since the last report. Surprisingly little debris, either land based or off shore originated. This has been an unusually quiet winter in terms of visible human activity. View full report 0
5 [email protected] 05/24/2014 Beach is in good shape View full report 1
5 [email protected] 06/10/2015

North towards Zwagg Island the tidepools were thick with the greatest diversity and quantity of sea weed I have ever encountered. The pools had appropriate concentrations of mollusks, crustaceans and invertebrates. South toward the sewage treatment plant the natural community was different for the most part than encountered on the north end. Here there were healthy populations of Ochre sea stars and Giant green anemones. Tidepools and beach were in good shape and not heavily used.

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5 [email protected] 09/10/2014 A beautiful day at with a minus tide and fewer than expected people. I tried to get out to tide pools to look for evidence of wasting disease during a minus tide but was unable to do so because the rocky beach was too difficult to navigate out to pools where there might be sea star. Muscle and sea anemonie populations seemed fine View full report 0
6 Berner 02/27/2007 a bit more bluff erosion, especially below drainpipes draped partway down the bluff. a couple of large boulders dislodged just north of the Macklyn cove condominium complex. Beach further than 1/4 mile north of Zwagg Island not accessible from Macklyn Cove Access point. View full report 0
7 DewPoint Dave 09/23/2015 A sunny September morning welcomed 21 beachgoers and 4 dogs to Mile 7, South Harris Beach State Park. Driftline contained mostly kelp and seagrass with a few crab and shrimp casings here and there. Several small Mesoglea blobs were also found near mid-mile. Very little man-made trash and debris was collected - likely a result of the Saturday SOLVE beach cleanup day. View full report 5
7 DewPoint Dave 06/06/2015 Another beautiful day on the south coast with 38 people enjoying exploring the beach at a minus (-1.0 ft.) tide. The beach was relatively clean with kelp and seagrass accumulations in only a few parts of the driftline. The only concerns were people fishing from a very steep and dangerous slope on the south side of a rock at the north end of Mile 7 and a tent set up mid-Mile 7 which appeared to have been there overnight. View full report 6
7 DewPoint Dave 02/24/2015 Coastwatch Mile 7 beaches contained very little debris, a possible result of relatively calm seas during the recent King Tides. The driftline contained only organic material including what appeared to be mole crab molts. These were observed in the driftline from approximately Mile 7.0 to Mile 7.4. View full report 3