CoastWatch Blitz

July 30, 2021

 CoastWatcher at work.\Photo by Linda Reid
CoastWatcher at work.\Photo by Linda Reid

The Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, CoastWatch’s parent group, is celebrating its 50th anniversary year in 2021. The actual anniversary date is July 29; that day will be full of special activities.  

For the following three days, July 30-Aug. 1, we’re asking CoastWatchers to join the celebration in their own way—by monitoring and reporting on their adopted miles. The goal is to see how close we can come to getting every mile of Oregon’s coast surveyed on that long weekend. (If mile adopters pick up debris while walking their miles, this will also serve as a major beach-cleaning effort into the bargain.)

If you aren’t already a CoastWatcher, this would be a great time to adopt a mile of shoreline and help us close in on the goal of covering the entire Oregon coast each quarter.

Watch the CoastWatch website page for more details about activities that weekend. For now, please mark your calendars and plan to visit your CoastWatch mile July 30-Aug. 1. (Reports done on July 29 also count as part of this blitz, but we’ll have special anniversary activities taking place much of that day, and we hope CoastWatchers will join in. However, there would be time to walk a mile that morning without missing anything online.)

For more information about CoastWatch reporting, whether for this weekend or generally, contact Jesse Jones, CoastWatch volunteer coordinator, (503) 989-7244, [email protected].

Oregon Shores 50 Year Anniversary